Sumisu Sushi | About
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To be the leading provider of delicious sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine in Pocatello, while inspiring our employees to live better lives and have a heart of service for our community and customers.

Here at Sumisu, we pride ourselves on mastering traditional Japanese techniques of preparation and incorporating our own flare to showcase other Asian inspired flavors. Our staff spends a painstaking amount of time every day to ensure every item made in house is of the utmost quality for our customers.


In November 2010, brothers Kim and Doug Smith collaborated to open Pocatello’s very first sushi restaurant in Pocatello, ID.

The first couple years of operation were met with struggles considering the concept of a sushi restaurant in a landlocked state, providing fresh seafood and other raw ingredients seemed farfetched to some locals.The Smith brothers, accompanied by their extended family Josh & Lyndi Smith, were able to cultivate and fulfill a growing demand for sushi right here in Idaho’s very own Gate City. After experiencing a huge influx of clientele over the first 2-3 years Sumisu expanded the restaurant in 2013, doubling it’s occupancy and providing a newly remodeled private meeting room for business meetings and large parties seeking additional privacy while dining at Sumisu.

In 2016 former sushi bar manager of Sumisu, Daniel Russo returned from his adventures in Japan, Washington D.C. and California to take over as general manager and become part owner of Sumisu with the Smith family. Daniel was able to continue on the tradition of providing a diverse menu and bringing Sumisu to the forefront of Japanese cuisine and sushi served in Pocatello, ID.

In 2018 Daniel was awarded the Idaho State Journal 20 Under 40 Award showcasing his commitment to the city of Pocatello and its constituents.


Sumisu is dedicated to providing the best dining experience possible in Pocatello.

In hopes of furthering the knowledge of not only Sumisu’s staff but also Pocatello’s palate; we are working on an intimate dining experience unlike any other. A four-seat Omakase Counter is scheduled to open in January 2020.